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UI Design

Colin Curley -Slidenow-io.gif

Slide-now was a small start up that connected users with job postings in new cities. I created the interfaces used for the site. I included both images and vector graphics to create an inviting page that would encourage users to click through the pages. My favorite part of the design is gif featuring a simplified version of the site which illustrates the process to the users.

Pick Flex

Pick Flex is a company seeking to revolutionize how sports fan interact in the fantasy space. As part of their development, I generated the log in landing pages for their website app.

Pali Ke Kua Wellness

Pali Ke Kua Wellness is a personal training service based in San Francisco. What makes this company unique is their commitment to helping their clients improve their overall health. This includes functional training, flexibility as well as nutrition. I generated the interfaces for their webpage, which sought to convert users through scheduling one on one consultations so they could learn more about what the company has to offer. 

Scumco and Sons

Scumco & Sons is a local skateboard team located in Pittsburgh, PA. Well known locally, they were looking to grow their impact online through a website redesign. I assisted in generating the UI for their website as well as improving the UX on the page. You can read more about it here

The Kaizen Method

The Kaizen method is a personal training service based out of San Diego, CA. The lead fitness coach helped guide her clients with a methodology that helps them build great fitness habits.

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